Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Dan Gurney & Friends"

sketchbook. pencil, marker.

Thanks to last minute word heads-up from my friend Mike, I heard about this local music/sketch event in time to attend. There were four guys on a little stage playing traditional Irish music, rollicking stuff - really quite excellent. I didn't manage to draw all four unfortunately. I tried to warm up by sketching a mug sitting nearby and then got down to it. The time seemed to fly; right when I was starting to loosen up and felt most comfortable drawing, then the whole thing was over(!) You can probably tell the order too: bottom left (mug), bottom right (Sean), top left (Dylan), top right (Dan).

I didn't catch everybody's full name, but the guy top right is Dan Gurney; his dad was in the audience. I would've drawn him too, but didn't have a good view - or so I thought; he drew me! He was incredibly nice, both interesting and interested.