Monday, September 2, 2013

Catching up

Here's a bunch of stuff I've made that I've been meaning to upload. In no particular order:

A couple faces made when trying out drawing into my iPad:

A random object I made as an exercise. I made the black outline shape first as a scribble. Then I carved into it with the eraser tool, and rotated it a few times to help see the possibilities. Then I finished it as a solid, describing the interior features:

A preliminary sketch for something still in progress:

Some sketches and gestural stuff from attending the monthly Dr.Sketchy's life drawing sessions. I sometimes draw the model, and sometimes draw the other people attending:

Other model stuff:

Some logo stuff for friends:

A spaceship, meant for an alien witch! So it's sort of a mix of a broomstick and a shuttlecraft:

A 30-min sketch of The Masque of The Red Death:

Another 30-min sketch for a robot thing:

I was commissioned to make a custom bookcover for a Kickstarter project, the person who gave a enough money to qualify received an image of their choosing (so this isn't my imagery/character design, etc):

And some furry stuff, made as illustrations for a convention booklet: