Saturday, March 24, 2012

Corgis Makin' Bank

"Corgi B-Boy""The CMB Posse in The Valley of The Jeep Beats""The CMB Posse in The Valley of The Jeep Beats" (DETAIL)"Rap Battle: P.U.G. vs The C.M.B. Posse""Bomber""DJ"
"I Got A Man""La Di Da Di"

Corgis Makin' Bank, a set on Flickr.

Made a small series of gouache paintings of corgis, referencing various aspects of early 90's hip-hop culture.

The first image is more or less related, though made a year earlier.

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CA3 said...

They're some of the most adorable Corgi's I've seen to date. I love how you put them in contemporary urban settings and situations. Great work, man.