Wednesday, October 3, 2012


So I have a painting hanging in the Gutman Library, in Harvard Square. It's part of a small faculty exhibition from MassArt, and it will be up for a few weeks.

The Gutman Library is on Brattle Street, on your way out of the Square. It's about a block further past the Brattle Theatre, on the right. Location on a map.

The image is a portrait of my friend James. I hung the piece before I had a chance to document it with a good photo/scan. So, I'll have to do that later when the show comes down, and I can upload the image properly.

Meanwhile, I took some photos with my camera.

Here's the painting. It's 16"x20", and made with open acrylics and gouache:

Here's a view of the show, and where it's hanging. You can also see some of the other faculty work, they are all so good!:

Plus, the view from outside:

From the sidewalk on Brattle Street, you can see the pieces through the window at night.

If you find yourself in Harvard Square, walk by and take a look :) Or just, y'know, go inside the building and see the stuff up close.

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Kit Fantastic said...

The view from outside was great! <3 next time I'm just gonna run in and look without checking in with the clerk!!!