Thursday, January 9, 2014

MFA Sketches

I don't know if this is a new program or not, but I attended one of the weekly life drawing sessions that the MFA now hosts on Wednesday evenings. It was really great!

Some two minute sketches:

Then, as tends to happen for me, I was bored of the model and started drawing a couple of the other artists around:

These are shown in the order made: this guy sitting right next to me was very intensely focused and slumped forward, and then a few seats from him was a woman with incredible posture. Then I drew the model's face. Then lower I started to sketch an older woman who stayed bundled up the whole time like she was still outside.

The event was awesome, but yeah, the actual seating isn't so hot. People had nowhere to put their drawing as they worked, and you had these flimsy little foldout seats - so there was a lot of slouching and slumping and odd body language from the artists.

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