Sunday, September 26, 2010



A depiction of the mythological steed from Islam, renowned for carrying the prophet Muhammad around the Holy Land and on up to Heaven, way back in the day.

Abraham apparently also had a ride.

It's supposedly a kind of flying donkey with a human head, how cool is that?(!)
I just made the above picture, but it's not new imagery for me.
I first learned about it back in 2003 and made these:

Later, in 2005, when taking my intro digital class, I felt the class was too basic and challenged myself to try more digital painting on my own. This was one of my first real efforts:

I didn't get very far though; my ambition often outstrips my abilities with new mediums/techniques. I particularly like the "baked potato" he ends up standing on :B

Of course now the Illustration department offers an advanced digital painting class, specifically :)

P.S. Across his chest it reads "Love and Peace" in Arabic. The mask/antlers are also "Love" just mirrored left and right.

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