Monday, September 20, 2010


Earlier this year I finished a huge illustration project: creating images for use in the latest edition of the Ironclaw roleplaying game manual. The setting involves animal characters in a fantasy, pre-industrial European setting - from the Medieval period through the Renaissance to the early 1800's.

I was featured along with other artists in the book. And so, after it was done, I collected mine together to publish as a stand-alone portfolio / "Art of-" companion book, including my writings for each image. My process involved first writing something for each entry, and then basically illustrating this text.

Contains 41 full-color illustrations with accompanying text and commentary.
For those of you interested, the book is finished and available :)

I didn't make much fuss about the project here as I was working on it, I figured I'd just wait until now to point to it. The little preview widget above is cool, but might take some time to load all the thumbnails :P

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